Oct 06, 2016 06 00 PM EDT
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Library of America Live! Hamilton Q&A

Got Hamilton questions? Don't throw away your shot to hear the answers from Yale historian and expert on Alexander Hamilton, Joanne B. Freeman.

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Library of America Live! Hamilton Q&A

When Lin-Manuel Miranda was writing his Broadway phenomenon HAMILTON, one of the books he kept by his side was the authoritative edition of Hamilton's writings published by Library of America: ALEXANDER HAMILTON: WRITINGS, edited by Yale historian and Founding Era expert Joanne B. Freeman.

"Joanne Freeman's collection of Hamilton's writing was sort of my touchstone," Miranda has said. "Any time I was in the wilderness, I could go back to what Hamilton wrote and kind of figure it out from there." (The Atlantic, September 29, 2015).

Join us to hear Freeman answer questions about the life and work of Alexander Hamilton, his family, and his legacy, as well as whether we can believe what happens on stage in the Broadway show.
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